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Affordable for your Agency, Free to your Customers, Easy to Manage

  • sole proprietor
    • Agency employees: 2
    • One-Time Branding / License Fee: $500
    • Monthly Hosting / Maintenance Fee: $45
  • small agency
    • Agency employees: 3 - 7
    • One-Time Branding / License Fee: $750
    • Monthly Hosting / Maintenance Fee: $65
  • medium agency
    • Agency employees: 8 - 15
    • One-Time Branding / License Fee: $1,000
    • Monthly Hosting / Maintenance Fee: $85
  • large agency
    • Agency employees: 16 - 30
    • One-Time Branding / License Fee: $1,250
    • Monthly Hosting / Maintenance Fee: $105

Contact us if you have more than four locations - [email protected]

The license/branding fee is paid when an agency signs-up and their account is created
The first monthly hosting/maintenance fee is due one month after sign-up, and will be charged to the credit card used at sign-up

More than an app - it's a complete mobile business strategy for your agency - EASY to MANAGE with TARGETABLE, TRACKABLE tools that engage your agency with your customers... and keep your customers engaged with your app.

5 Simple Steps to get your mobile strategy working for you! Tailor, Target and Track your engagement!

  • 1

    Pick the Plan that fits your Agency

  • 2

    Complete the agency Profile

  • 3

    Add agents now or add agents later

  • 4

    Select your Insurance Companies

  • 5

    Create a customer list

    When you do, we immediately send a personalized email invite from your agency!

Yes, we send the e-mail invite and provide marketing assets to help you promote your app. How easy is that! Create your agency-branded app and get connected today.

Insurance Agent drives mobile engagement to grow your business with an enterprise level platform.

Business tools on your dashboard and in the app drive retention, referrals and rounding. Mobile tools meet and exceed customer expectations of service, convenience and value.

  • Notifications: This powerful touch-point increases customer connections and delivers high-value with important tips, messages and customizable Calls-To-Action. Sent from your dashboard.
  • Notifications drive mobile engagement with your agency and the tools inside the app.
  • Insurance Agent is the center-point for client connections to your agency, your website, your social media outlets and provides clients safe access to their Home and Auto insurance information.
  • Digital marketing strategies are enhanced through cross-exposure.
  • Stay in the Loop - Convenient Claims and Billing numbers/links draw customers to your app to connect with their insurance company. Your agency app is the go-to icon for all their insurance needs.
  • Home Inventory, Auto and Accident tools provide benefits and value to the customer creating stickiness for your agency app.
  • Report sharing features create multiple engagement and communication opportunities.
  • Easy to Manage dashboard to tailor, target and track: branding; notifications; customer installs, reports, invites; Insurance Company list. App Profile changes update instantly.
  • Email notifications alert you when a customer shares a report.

Enhance your customers' insurance experience, not just their mobile experience
...before, during and after events happen.

5 Simple Steps to create a mobile strategy to service customers, deliver value and grow your business!
Sign-Up and get connected TODAY!

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Schedule a Demo

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